SERVICES AND STAGES THE THREE STAGES ARE: STAGE 1: COMPASSIONATE SUPPORT STAGE 2: PLANNING AND PREPARATION STAGE 3: EXECUTION & DECISION MAKING KEY INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED: 1.PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES 2.PROBATE CLERK 3. PROBATE ATTORNEY 4.HEIRS. Introduction We understand that the probate process can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person's assets, including cars, houses, boats, and more, are transferred to their estate for sale or distribution to their heirs. At 24AutobidsHomes, we are here to provide our comprehensive Probate Services and support your family during this difficult time. Our Probate Services involve working closely with various key individuals, including: 1. Personal Representative Duties in Texas Probate Process: - Executor: Carries out instructions in a will, manages assets, pays debts, distributes assets to   beneficiaries. - Administrator: Appointed when no will or executor, performs similar duties as executor. - Conservator: Manages affairs of a minor or incapacitated adult, makes decisions on their behalf. 2. Probate clerk duties in Texas: Case management, courtroom support, record keeping, notices, fee collection, document processing, and public assistance. 3. Probate Attorney Duties: Legal representation, estate planning, probate administration, dispute resolution, legal advice, document preparation, court representation. 4. Heirs:  Heirs in a… Continue Reading

Certified Probate Realtor Specialist!

As a dedicated Texas Realtor, my ultimate goal is to provide exceptional value in representing my clients. That's why I'm thrilled to share that I am a Certified Probate Realtor Specialist!  Probate is the legal process through which assets such as houses, cars, stocks, bonds, boats, and more are transferred from the deceased person's name to their estate for sale or distribution to heirs. This involves collaborating with key individuals, including:  Personal Representative (Executor, Administrator, or Conservator)  Probate Clerk  Probate Attorney  Heirs As an expert in this field, my primary focus is to fully understand my clients' immediate needs right from our first contact. I will then tailor a personalized plan in alignment with the probate process, which begins with the Petition for Probate and concludes with the final distribution of funds. Our Real Estate Streamline Solution Process is designed to seamlessly assist you with the real estate aspects of the probate journey. We prioritize your peace of mind and ensure utmost clarity regarding timelines and responsibilities during this challenging time of losing your loved ones. Feel free to reach out to me at 214-498-4942 or visit our website at www.24autobids.com for additional resources. Let's navigate the probate process together and make… Continue Reading

SAMWEL LIMO The Streamline Solution Process!

The Guide to Help Growing Households Upsize using our Streamlined Solution Process Your Family Has Outgrown your Current Home... Your family has grown, butyour house hasn’t. It can be asurprise how time flies whenyou start life with a youngfamily. You currently need more living space and more bedrooms. It's exciting, and it becomes even more exciting asyour family grows up with kids, but you soon realizethat you need more space because your kids wanttheir own privacy.As a parent, it can be stressful. Trying to make sureeveryone is comfortable while enjoying spendingtime together.You want harmony in your home. But you find thekids are arguing and bickering more and causingstress in the family Your Family Currently Has a Crowded Bathroom Schedule in the Morning. Your family is currently dealing with a crowded bathroom schedulein the mornings. As your family grows, the number of availablebathrooms becomes important. Getting ready for work and schoolin the mornings is becoming more and more of a challenge. Itseems that everyone is fighting for more time.This can make mornings chaotic and add unnecessary stress to ourday. Your Family needs more space for Toys and Yard to Play. You feel like your kids' toys are everywhere! There doesn’t seem… Continue Reading


Getting Ready to Buy a Home? Check out our Streamline Solution Process Buyer's Check List for you! Whether this is your first home purchase or your tenth, there are a lot ofmoving parts when it comes to buying a new house. You should feel incontrol and confident throughout this process.We’ve compiled this checklist for you so nothing gets missed! (Although,if you follow Step 1 correctly, you should have all the guidance youneed!) Here are the pillars: Building a Foundation The Financials Finding Your New Home Insuring Your Home The Home Stretch Building a Foundation. Step 1: Find a Realtor. Interview a few agents and see if their personality matches yourneeds/wants. You want to “click”!Qualifications your agent should have: Local market knowledge. Good reviews or testimonials. Financial Knowledge - they can walk you through the numbers! Works full time in the industry. Great time management and communication skills (ie. did they show up on time & prepared? Do they communicate with you in a way that you understand and feel comfortable with?). Network connections (Effective real estate agents rely on their relationships. Do they work with other agents regularly?). They should ask about your Housing Goals and future vision. Step 2:… Continue Reading

Selling Your Home? Why Hiring a Realtor is a Wise Choice:

Are you a homeowner contemplating whether you need a Realtorto assist you in selling your home? As a professional TexasRealtor, my name is Samwel Limo, and I firmly believe that theanswer is a resounding yes. Allow me to explain why enlisting theservices of a Realtor like myself can greatly benefit youthroughout the entire selling process.Personalized Approach:As your Realtor, I am committed to understanding your uniquegoals and aspirations when it comes to selling your house. Priorto our appointment, I will ensure that I bring the most up-to-dateComparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your property. Thisanalysis will help us determine the optimal price range for yourhome, ensuring that we price it correctly from the start. By doingso, we can save valuable time and work towards selling yourhouse swiftly.Effective Marketing:By listing your house with me, you gain access to an extensivenetwork of potential buyers. I will employ strategic marketingtechniques to showcase your property in the best possible light.Additionally, our team will engage in various advertising channelsto maximize exposure. We understand that time is of the essence,and our goal is to sell your house within the shortest time framepossible.Convenient Viewing Process:To streamline the viewing process, we offer a convenientscheduling service. This ensures that potential buyers… Continue Reading

FAITH, The Salesman Creed:

"How My Father's Faith Shaped My Career In Car Sales and Real Estate" About the Author! Biography: Samwel Limo is a Texas Real Estate Agent with a distinguished career spanning over 17 years in the Car Business. With his extensive experience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Samwel has established himself as a trusted advisor in the realms of car sales and real estate. Born and raised in Eldoret Kenya, Samwel was instilled with the values of faith, determination, and hard work from an early age. These values were deeply rooted in him by his father, who played a pivotal role in shaping Samwel's journey and career path. Inspired by his father's unwavering faith and entrepreneurial spirit, Samwel embarked on a mission to build a successful career in the sales industry. Samwel's passion for sales and his desire to make a meaningful impact on people's lives led him to pursue a degree in Marketing, with a minor in Computer Science, from the prestigious Southwest State University of Marshall, Minnesota. Equipped with a strong educational foundation and a burning ambition to succeed, he entered the professional world, ready to conquer new heights. Throughout his career, Samwel has honed his skills in… Continue Reading

The Advantages of Engaging a Realtor Early in the House Shopping Process:

House shopping can be an overwhelming task, but enlisting thehelp of a real estate agent early on can make the experiencesmoother and more efficient. In this article, we explore thebenefits of involving a Realtor from the outset, focusing onguaranteed property viewings, access to essential services,assistance with competitive offers, mortgage pre approvalguidance, and the importance of building a strong workingrelationship with a dedicated agent. Guaranteed Property Viewings:Engaging a Realtor early in the house shopping process ensuresguaranteed appointments for property viewings. Many listedhouses require the use of appointment scheduling services, suchas Brokerbay, which can only be accessed by licensed real estateagents. By working with a Realtor, buyers can avoid thefrustration of missed opportunities or delayed viewings and gainpriority access to available properties. This advantage can beparticularly crucial in competitive real estate markets. Access to Essential Services:Realtors have access to essential tools and services that facilitatethe house shopping process. For instance, Supra key is oftenrequired to access homes, and only authorized real estate agentspossess this key. By partnering with a Realtor, buyers can benefitfrom their access to these resources, ensuring seamless propertyvisits and eliminating any unnecessary hurdles or delays. Comprehensive Market Analysis and Competitive Offers:A knowledgeable Realtor can provide buyers with ComparativeMarket Analysis… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Engaging a Realtor for House Shopping:

House shopping can be an exciting and rewarding experience,but it's important to consider the advantages of having a realestate agent by your side from the beginning. While someindividuals may choose to embark on the process withoutprofessional assistance, they often overlook the valuable supportand expertise that a Realtor can offer. This article discusses thebenefits of involving a Realtor early on in the house shoppingjourney, highlighting the potential time and cost savings, access toexclusive resources, and expert guidance they provide. Access to Professional Expertise:One of the primary advantages of having a Realtor is gainingaccess to their professional expertise. Realtors possess in-depthknowledge of the local real estate market and can providevaluable insights and guidance throughout the house shoppingprocess. They are well-versed in current market trends, pricing,negotiation strategies, and legal requirements, which can beinstrumental in making informed decisions. By leveraging theirexpertise, buyers can navigate potential pitfalls and makeconfident choices. Time and Money Savings:Contrary to popular belief, involving a Realtor early in the houseshopping process can actually save buyers both time and money.While some individuals may assume that bypassing a Realtorwould result in cost savings, they often overlook the fact that theseller's commission has already been negotiated and allocated.The buyer's agent's commission is typically factored… Continue Reading

The Real Estate Handbook: From a Texas Realtor- Samwel Limo.

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your New Home: Exploring Down Payments and Closing Costs and Mortgage Qualification: My name is Samwel Limo, and I'm a dedicated Texas Realtorwith a passion for helping clients achieve their homeownershipdreams while building generational wealth. In this article, I aim toprovide you with valuable insights into the process of buying ahome, focusing on essential aspects such as down payments andclosing costs. By understanding these key factors, you'll be betterequipped to navigate the real estate market and make informeddecisions.Understanding Down Payments:When considering purchasing a home, many individuals oftenwonder about the required down payment and their credit score.Let's delve into these crucial aspects to shed light on theirsignificance. Down Payment Options: The down payment you'll needdepends on the type of loan you apply for. Here are threecommon options:a. Conventional Loan: A conventional loan typically requires aminimum down payment of 20%. This option is ideal for buyerswith strong credit and financial stability.b. FHA Loan: An FHA loan is a government-backed mortgage thatoffers more accessible down payment requirements. With an FHAloan, you can secure financing with as little as 3.5% down. Thisoption is particularly beneficial for first-time homebuyers.c. VA Loan: VA loans are exclusively available to eligibleveterans, active-duty service… Continue Reading


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