What you need to know when shopping for cars online:

The power of Technology and its influence to car Buying Process:

With today’s easy access to most information about the car of your dreams, most online shoppers find their extensive research valuable enough to make an educated decision with ease. The customer also gets to spend the least possible time at the dealership if at all.

Are you shopping for Used car or New car?

There are essential features that customers are looking for while shopping for their new vehicle. Shopping for a used vehicle is different compared to looking for a new vehicle.
Buying a used vehicle can be more challenging, because you will never find two identical used vehicles anywhere. Used vehicles are unique based on the last owner’s habits. This  which will range from average driven miles, accidents, regular servicing, smoking or non-smoking and general upkeep of the vehicle.

The vehicle you want to buy tomorrow, someone is buying today:

An average dealer will keep their used inventory on the lot for 60 days before wholesaling them at the auction. Used cars with most useful features like low average miles by year driven, no accidents, available service records will sell within an average of 16 days. So making time to view these vehicles sooner is crucial, also making the right offer is the key to parking it in your garage. Timing is critical. There is a saying in the car business: “the vehicle you are looking at today and thinking to buy tomorrow, somebody else looked at it yesterday and buying it today” it is always true.

Timing and attitude are key:

I have seen serious customers waste a whole day of research by deciding to go to lunch. No pressure, but use your salesperson as your consultant. Also be true to yourself on what your next option will be if you do not get that deal. Your research should give you enough confidence that you are getting a great deal, why put off until tomorrow to do what you can do today? An online survey stated that today’s online shoppers visit an average of 1.5 dealers before making a decision. It is important to stay focus on the reason you decided to visit that dealer. Also why that vehicle was your first choice?

Mental fatigue and Stress of shopping around:

Take it on a test drive. Don’t be in a hurry to go to next stop, because you may settle out of mental fatigue, not because it was the best deal. It is a good habit to be friendly. Because viewing your salesperson as a consultant opposes to an opponent makes it easy to make a well-informed decision. Confidence is a driving force, and anxious feelings lead to settling out of pride or shame.

It is the second most important decision you will make, make it out of confidence and have fun doing it. A great salesperson will relate to your story, listen to your needs, and show you the value of your money on the product. Then he will eventually celebrate with you  the moment of buying your new vehicle. 

Buying a New Vehicle Challenge  and Dealer Prices:

Buying a new vehicle is different. You can find two identical vehicles and also each dealer owns it for the same invoice.

Dealers will differentiate themselves by their customer service and building loyalty from their previous clients. Volume dealers may do aggressive pricing to receive incentives from the manufacturer, this is only possible  if they meet their quotas and thus passing savings to their customers. Aftermarket products, such as window tint, or a bed-liner, etc added to the new vehicle, will differ from dealer to dealer. There will also be difference in finance products and trade appraisals.

Why buy from us?

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Thank you in advance,
Sam Limo
Internet Sales Manager- 5starford.

Sales and Marketing Manager- www.24autobids.com

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