What is the value of my car? Elephant in the car deal.


What is the Real Value of Your Vehicle in a Car Deal?

Trade value is a major piece of the puzzle for a car deal; it is the big elephant in the room. There are a lot of scenarios that a buyer will be happy with the dealer’s sales price on the vehicle they wish to buy, but unhappy with their trade values. Vehicles are depreciating assets, and different factors play into the appraisals of the trades.

What Factors Contribute to the Trade Value of your Vehicle?

First, there are the market forces of supply and demand of similar vehicles within a market area. Dealerships use 3rd party data available from entities like Blackbook, Nada, Kelly Blue Book, and latest auction sales for appraisal values. Second, are the internal data costs towards retailing the vehicle after it has been traded. The costs will include reconditioning costs, advertising and transaction costs. Third will be the actual physical condition of the vehicle; this will include wear and tear assessment, dents, tire conditions, accident reports, smokers or non-smoker, average miles driven per year, etc.

The Frustrations Customers go through getting the Real Value:

From my personal experience, the most frustrating thing for the majority of customers is the vast differences in appraisals from one dealer to another. The frustration also felt by the salesperson faced with the burden to explain the differences. The answer is in the tactic of negotiations.
Car buying being a horse-trade, there are different areas of negotiations that include the sale price, trade equity, cash down, the term of the loan and rates. While trading a vehicle, the bottom line is determined by the trade allowance. Trade will have three values: trade allowance, actual trade value and payoff amount.

The Bottom Line of Your Deal:

Trade compensation will be different from dealer to dealer based on the focus of the negotiation. For example, if my customer is more sensitive to the value of his trade but ok with my asking price, then I will use available discounts to boost the trade allowance value. The discounts amount determines how much benefit above the actual value. Sometimes there are no discounts available based on listed prices, and that is how the vast difference occurs on appraisals.

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Sam Limo
Internet Sales Manager


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