Truck Month at 5Starford!!!

0% Financing for 2018 F-150’s:

It is Truck Month at 5StarFord. What does this mean for you as a customer?

  1. It means Ford is helping its dealers to get rid of any remaining 2018 F-150’s in stock. This is made possible by providing high rebates to the customer. A big one going on this Month is 0% financing for 72 Months on all remaining 2018 F-150’s.
  2. Ford is getting a fast start to sell the Most trucks this year by putting great rebates on the 2019 F 150’s. For your information Ford F-series has been the number one selling truck for over 40 years. This has been made possible by building a Tough truck  and providing different options to meet various needs.
  3. Ford truck gives you 5 types of engines, 3.3 v6, 3.0 Turbo diesel, 2.7 Ecoboost V6, 3.5 Ecoboost V6 and 5.0l v8. The are also two options on the F-250 trucks 6.2l gas engine and the 6.7l Diesel engine.
  4. Ford also gives you three options of cabs, regular cab, supercab and supercrew. You have the option to seat up to 6 people in your new truck.
  5. If you are interested in buying a used truck, don’t be left out too. We are going to take in lots of trades as we sell new trucks.  For trucks less than 5 years with less than 80k miles we will have them certified. So it will come with power train warranty up to 100k miles.

Therefore we look forward assisting you buying a new Ford truck. Use our available resources on our site, to search inventory, appraise your trade and to apply for financing. makes car buying a smooth process. Thank you.

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