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Terms of use

24Autobis.com Terms of Use:

Welcome to 24Autobids.com. A resourceful new website design to save you time and money. Our goal is to make your online car buying research an efficient and transparent process.
Certainly through our car buying process, you will have an opportunity to Make an Offer; Get Today’s Price; Request for more information; Submit your Trade information and Apply for financing online.

What to expect when using our site:

  1. Making an Offer: 
    All offers will be Accepted or Rejected within 24hrs. Rejected offers will receive counter offer pricing.
    Certainly when your offer is accepted; it’s your responsibility to ensure funding or holding terms are agreed on, according to the dealership guidelines.
    The bidder should understand all the vehicles appearing on the site are available for walk-in traffic at the dealer locations and also available at other sites. 
    Consequently submitting your bid only communicates your serious offer to the dealer. Otherwise the initial process does not hold the vehicle until funding is secured or signing of purchase paperwork.
  2. Get Today’s Price:
    Our customers have an opportunity to Get Today’s Price, which is the lowest price the dealer is willing to take on that specific day. Save yourself time and money by using this transparent and efficient way to buy cars online.    
  3. Get more information:
    First of all we believe in assisting you when ready to buy your vehicle after an extensive research.We also believe that an educated buyer shops with confidence. Above all our professional services are there to meet your needs and wants.
  4. Submit Your Trade Information:
    Our customers will have an opportunity to get a blind bid for their vehicles, by submitting trade details through the website.
    The trade form is available on the front page, also by clicking Yes below the vehicle of interest.
    Above all the form must be completed in its entirety. Your accuracy on the trade details, will help give you the most accurate blind bid appraisal. All estimates will be finalized after a physical evaluation at the dealership.
  5. Submit Credit Application for Financing:
    Our customers are welcome to fill a credit application using the link provided on our site, if they intend to use our creditable lenders.
    If you have prearranged financing, we will need a fax number or financing institution’s email to submit the buyer’s order for approval. 
    It is the buyers responsibility to make sure funding is secured to the dealership within a reasonable time to achieve the www. 24autobids.com concept of efficient transaction .
  6. Vehicle Holding Terms:
    All holding terms will defer from dealer to dealer, the conditions to hold the vehicle will be discussed during initial contact with personnel from the dealership.
  7. Errors and issues resolution:
    All information provided on our site are in good faith. WWW.24autobids.com will not be liable for any errors either typographical or technical.
    Your feedback will be taken seriously and each issue addressed conclusively , in the spirit of best in-class car buying experience.
  8. Private Sellers Listings:
    All clients using WWW.24autobids.com to buy cars especially from private individuals should use caution! Because we do not interview or run background checks on these individual sellers. 
    Even more, meet in a public place. Certainly do not send money online until you meet face to face and confirm the condition of the vehicle. You should know that most vehicles are sold as is, do a diligent check-up before making the deal.
  9. Blog Contents on Car buying Insights:
    All hot topics articles are my personal opinions after 13 Years experience in the business. Therefore any suggestions or recommendation, should not be taken as legal advice. WWW.24autobids.com will not be liable for decisions made after reading these articles.
  10. VIP Car Buying Experience:
    Whether you are looking to just test drive or finalize your car deal. We make it our goal is to provide VIP experience, when you show up at the dealership.
    Therefore please let us know when and what time you will be be at the dealership.We promise to be ready to serve you with excellence.

Make your next car buying a smooth process through our efficient and transparent steps. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. We look forward earning your business.