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Why most people hate buying cars at the dealership?

Most people dread going to buy a car, due to their past experiences or horrific stories they have heard about the car buying process.

Why you should consider buying your next vehicle from us?
My goal is to bring an exciting and smooth experience into the car buying process. I want to hear your story, and celebrate the joy of owning a new car with you. Whatever the occasion; I want to be your trusted friend in the automobile industry.
People enter the car market for a multitude of circumstances or seasons in their life. Whatever the case, I want to be your consultant but not your opponent. To me, it is not about winning, but I want to offer a great experience that solves your situation or celebrates your moment.

Lessons learned over the years selling cars online:
During the last 13 years in the car inydustry, I have met people from all walks of life and dealt with different circumstances during the car buying process.

The attitude of the industry is horse-trading which is rooted in the American culture that pioneered negotiations.

Retail buying Contrast:

Other retail industries have listed prices that customers pay and leave with no questions ask. However, the car industry is a process that may last 4 to 8 hours or days. Everybody seems to be itching for a fight. In the end, both the salesperson and the customer hates the tension and pressure of the experience.

The Ideal way to buy your next vehicle:

The theme of our  website is making car buying and selling a smooth process. Without a doubt, we all agree car buying is a process.

Different things make up a car deal. Sale prices, interest rates, term, trade value, trade equity, negative trade equity, money down, rebates, taxes, fees, etc. Understanding all this in a short time, is difficult. In the meantime; you are feeling the pressure of making the second most important purchase; this can be overwhelming. The sad part about it is the trade cycle is every 3 to 5 years, and there is never catching up with the changes happening in the industry.

So the challenge is how do we make this horse-trading a smooth process and a fun experience? It all starts with making a friend. Being friendly is the easy way to make a friend, it is that natural.

My Background:
As a young man, I discovered my purpose through being a problem solver by being sensitive to needs of others. If you care enough,you will make a means to make a difference.
The car industry is a business with a challenged reputation, but the industry is changing due to the power of the Internet and all the information available to make an educated decision on a car purchase.

Education Background:

Being a graduate in marketing from Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota I embrace the idea of an educated and informed buyer. My mission is to offer the professional help you deserve after an extensive search for your new car.

Industry Experience:

I have spent the majority of my last 13 years in the industry doing Internet car sales, serving both local and international clients. I take pride in representing the vehicle as actual as possible and making the transaction process transparent. Some of my customers buy their vehicle sight unseen. My no surprises goal gives them peace of mind. I look forward earning your business.Thanks


Sam Limo

Internet Sales Manager- 5Starford

Sales and marketing Manager-

Internet Sales Manager

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  1. November 14, 2018

    “Quick and easy” – Truck150
    This was the easiest experience I’ve ever had in purchasing a vehicle. My salesman, Sam Limo, never came off like a salesman at all. I spoke with him only a few times before we every actually sat down. By the time I met with him in person he had everything lined up and ready to go. Took the vehicle for a short ride and signed a few documents. The entire purchasing process took less than an hour with no last minute additions. What Sam told me in person is what I saw on paper. No smoke and mirrors, no funny business. Quick and to the point. I will be back.

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